A Clearly Defined Purpose

“When the opportunity for the expansion of my practice to a second branch arose, I felt completely overwhelmed with the enormous task ahead.  I knew I needed Annemarie’s help, but I had no idea as to the depth of the support she could offer. Somehow through the stressful chaos of new premises, new staff and vast increases in my expenses, she facilitated the structure I desperately needed. Together we would set up clear priorities and step-by-step achievable goals.  It has now been 10 months since, and already my turnover has literally doubled.  Not only has she found a way for me to employ suitable staff and empower them to work with maximum efficiency, but for the first time in my life my time management is under control.  Together we have established several new systems that are so well in place, that I can take leave for 2 weeks at a time knowing that the practice is safe.  I have never had a more clearly defined purpose for my practice and the way we can serve our patients.”