• Do the team members understand each other’s ways and habits?
  • Is the staff motivated and do you feel that they function optimally?
  • Do your patients consistently have a WOW experience at your practice?
  • Do you have a strong & well defined culture in your business?
  • Does the team has a clear understanding of the vision and code of conduct and does everyone understand what it means in the business?

If you answered NO to these questions, Mindskills Coach can help you strengthen your team

Align your team to increase their focus & efficiency and consistently drive better results.

Mindskills Coach offers a unique and very powerful opportunity for your team to connect and understand each other, as well as your patients better.

What are the benefits of an engaged team and patients who trust you?

  • A committed and connected team with the same vision
  • A positive and calm, nurturing environment
  • Patients who refer other potential patients to you because they trust you
  • Improved business results

How do we achieve this?

1 Strengthening the Team

ShadowMatch Profiling & Team Analysis

ShadowMatch is an instrument that provides us with natural patterns of behaviour of an individual. It indicates patterns of actions we take in certain situations, indicating how we engage with the world around us. In terms of application, this instrument provides information on how you function as part of a team, and suggests how team members can be managed and applied in order to get optimal results in your practice.


This is an extremely positive and encouraging process which creates an understanding of the individual and his/her habits within the team.


A powerful way to connect team members with each other. 

Using accurate behavioural analysis, Shadowmatch provides leaders and managers with detail regarding their team dynamics, including a complete inventory of the behavioural strengths of each individual to help position the team for success.


ShadowMatch is the only solution that allows you to use this information to reveal team alignment, gaps, subgroups, individual strengths/conflict areas, and opportunities for development. We will work with you to understand the goals and responsibilities of your team and develop a customised report for optimising the ongoing management and development of the team.


How does this work?

Every member fills out a web-based questionnaire in order to establish their individual profile of habits. Each person will receive a report as soon as they have submitted their questionnaire. Thereafter ShadowMatch will combine all the profiles of the team members into a spider-graph, which then explains the individual’s habits and their functioning within the team. Habits such as:


  • Being quick & efficient vs. being accurate with attention to detail
  • People orientation vs task orientation
  • Team inclination vs individual orientation
  • Change vs. maintaining the known and
  • Active exploration vs structure & discipline within the team is being explored.


Should there be any strained relationships within the team, ShadowMatch relationship reports between the two members could be drawn, which could serve as a starting point for conversations.


What are the benefits of ShadowMatch analysis?

  • Understanding your team better
  • Aligning existing teams with the business’s goals & priorities
  • Help existing teams or newly formed teams achieve goals rapidly
  • Reducing the risk of dysfunctional teams
  • A detailed guide of team balance & dynamics
  • A complete inventory of each individual’s behavioural strengths
  • Recommended development programs based upon team/individual tasks
  • Guide to managing areas of potential team conflict

2 WOW your patients and your team

What Are the Core Needs of my Patients and my Team?

In order to WOW your patients and your team, it is helpful to understand the neuroscience that underlies engagement. Engagement is the extent someone is committed to an organisation or to you as a healthcare provider, it is a state of being ‘attracted, committed, and fascinated’. Oxytocin (a feel good hormone) is secreted in this state, and the person is positive and interested as a result. The more engaged your patients as well as your team is, the better your results would be.


Contact Mindskills to show you the way to more attracted, committed and fascinated patients and staff!


David Rock (2008) developed a neuroscience-based framework that helps leaders understand what drives human behaviour. The SCARF® Model describes five domains, or social drivers – status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness– as the areas where the human brain is triggered into either a threat (disengagement or away) or reward (engagement or towards) state during social interactions. Status is about our perceived importance to other people. Our brain is a pattern-recognising machine, and certainty refers to our ability to see patterns and our ability to predict the future. Autonomy relates to a sense of control over situations and events, as well as feeling like we have choice. Relatedness concerns feelings of safety with others or deciding whether someone is friend or foe, and fairness is about exchanges between people being perceived as fair and equitable.


When the brain detects a social threat, it moves to a threat state, where it is cognitively disengaged and noisy from an aroused limbic system. On the other hand, the toward state sets the stage for reflection and making new connections that lead to creative solutions to complex problems.


The reason the literature shows that traditional leadership approaches designed to improve engagement have not been effective may be because we have not yet learned to recognise, much less manage, the social landscape in the workplace, leading to a disengaged workforce and low overall performance. 

3 Clarity and Certainty

In this part of the workshop “rules of engagement” of the practice are discussed and confirmed. This is a group discussion and will be conducted in a positive, uplifting and clarifying manner. A vision, mission as well as code of conduct could also be discussed in a group setting as this would further enhance the cohesiveness and culture of the team.


What are the benefits of structure to a team?


  • Structure gives every team member clear guidelines for how to proceed. A clearly-established structure gives the group a means to maintain order and resolve disagreements.
  • Structure binds members together. It gives meaning and identity to the people who join the group, as well as to the group itself.
  • Structure in any organisation is inevitable — an organisation, per definition, implies a structure.


Your team is going to have some structure whether it chooses to or not. It might as well be the structure which best matches up with what kind of organisation you have, what kind of people are in it, and what you see yourself doing.


Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • Completing the ShadowMatch as part of a teambuilding exercise was an amazing experience. I realized that the better you understand your people, the better you will relate to them. Getting to know them as individuals and how they complement the team gave me insight into capitalizing on the strengths of the team and identify areas that needs development. The team analysis clearly sent the message that nobody is just a number, but that every individual matter and play an important part to the success of the team and therefore the company. It can be difficult getting to know people as individuals but when they know you care about them as individuals they are inspired to give you their best effort. At Amtronix Diagnostic we are serious about strengthening the connection between management and the team. Completing the ShadowMatch analysis and applying it to the daily functioning of the team has changed how people value themselves in the team and has also provided insight into why relationships break down but also how to build them. I would recommend a ShadowMatch team analysis for anybody who is interested in inspiring their team and contribute to their personal and professional development.
    Alida Naudé (PhD) Amtronix Diagnostics 2017
  • On behalf of SAAA Executive Committee, we thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us using ShadowMatch Team Analysis. The experience was quick, easy and hassle-free but provided our team with invaluable information in terms of how each member functions within our team. This has enabled us to focus on each of our strong-points and work on our weaknesses for the better of our association. Your professionalism and approachability is highly commendable and it was a pleasure to work with you. I would highly recommend this analysis for any group of individuals working together – no matter how big or small.
    Kelly Nathan – SAAA President (2015)