Public Speaking

Annemarie is an engaging and motivating speaker that speaks from real-life experience, sound business acumen and exstensive one on one coaching expertise. She appreciates, and shares with her listeners, the fact that mind-set is a moment-to-moment choice and with her knowledge of neuroscience and how the brain works, illustrates how you can be in control. She discusses a model of how to interact with people to get them into a “toward” state, which can be applied in every relationship.

Her fusion of real life stories and her conversational technique connect with her audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.

These presentations have been well received by organizations such as Hearing Innovations and South African Association for Audiologists (SAAA).

More about the Presenter

Annemarie Ross-Vivier, business coach and mentor as well as motivational speaker, has 21 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry. She holds a degree in Communication Pathology at the University of Pretoria (1995). She started out as a private practice owner for 9 years, and later became a Corporate Manager at a leading hearing aid manufacturing company in South Africa. She has a GIBS MBA, and a Results Coaching Course (ICF accredited). She started her own Company, Mindskills Coach, in 2013 and her passion and focus is to add value to people’s lives through helping individuals and business owners to optimise themselves and their business.

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • "Annemarie is an Audiologist, a business mentor and a life coach. Due to her specialised knowledge we approached her to present at conferences on a number of occasions. She gave a presentation at a conference with international speakers that I organised in February at the University of Pretoria with the title: Mindsight: Neuroscience and the Audiology Practice. She was able to captivate the audience instantly and hold their attention throughout. Her presentation was organised systematically. She included examples, case studies and narratives and focused on her audience, displaying confidence with her appearance and her presentation, conveying intellectual character. She was well-prepared and showed insight and enthusiasm. She was authoritative, clearly conveying the message that that she is an expert in her field. Annemarie is credible, professional and knowledgeable and I can highly recommend her as a public speaker."
    Dr Maggi Soer - Snr Lecturer (Audiology), University of Pretoria