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  • On behalf of SAAA Executive Committee, we thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us using ShadowMatch Team Analysis. The experience was quick, easy and hassle-free but provided our team with invaluable information in terms of how each member functions within our team. This has enabled us to focus on each of our strong-points and work on our weaknesses for the better of our association. Your professionalism and approachability is highly commendable and it was a pleasure to work with you. I would highly recommend this analysis for any group of individuals working together – no matter how big or small.
    Kelly Nathan – SAAA President (2015)
  • Completing the ShadowMatch as part of a teambuilding exercise was an amazing experience. I realized that the better you understand your people, the better you will relate to them. Getting to know them as individuals and how they complement the team gave me insight into capitalizing on the strengths of the team and identify areas that needs development. The team analysis clearly sent the message that nobody is just a number, but that every individual matter and play an important part to the success of the team and therefore the company. It can be difficult getting to know people as individuals but when they know you care about them as individuals they are inspired to give you their best effort. At Amtronix Diagnostic we are serious about strengthening the connection between management and the team. Completing the ShadowMatch analysis and applying it to the daily functioning of the team has changed how people value themselves in the team and has also provided insight into why relationships break down but also how to build them. I would recommend a ShadowMatch team analysis for anybody who is interested in inspiring their team and contribute to their personal and professional development.
    Alida Naudé (PhD) Amtronix Diagnostics 2017
  • My husband and I have always had the dream to move out of the rat race and raise our kids in an environment which is not so rushed and less competitive. Our dream for them was to be able to just be kids, and enjoy their education and sport at their own pace and abilities. The problem was that we both have our own businesses established in our current town. To close them down, and try to start something from scratch in a strange place, was not  an option. I contacted Annemarie and together we analyzed my business, identified problem areas and started working on a plan to be able to manage my business from a distance, wherever that may be. For me, it was a huge task, and sometimes I felt like just giving up, but Annemarie was always positive, and very structured, explaining each step as we went along. She is also very patient, and didn’t push me in a direction I was reluctant to go, she very gently guided me in that direction without being on my case all the time. As I write this, I am sitting on my balcony, looking at the sea, with happy kids in their new schools. I manage my business from here, and I am extremely grateful that I had the chance (and guts) to change my life’s direction. I am very excited about the new experiences I will be able to have in this next chapter of my life, and all the memories I will be able to make. The changes I had to make in the way I think about my business wasn’t easy, and I know there will still be challenges, but the hard part is over. For now, I can sit back, relax and enjoy life.
    Audiologist in Private Practice, Gauteng (2017)
  • Life is not always as straight forward as we would like it to be and I engaged with Annemarie as a life and career coach at a point in my life where direction and purpose was more than just a little unclear. From our very first interaction, I was immediately reassured by Annemarie’s professionalism, knowledge and experience. Annemarie has an incredibly calming demeanour which allowed me to feel comfortable throughout the consultations where she allowed me the time to respond to her without pre-empting any preconceived responses. This created an environment of trust which formed the foundation of our progress. Annemarie applied logic, and practical explanations and solutions to assist me in understanding how to achieve the most important deficit in my life at that time… Purpose! As a result of the coaching I received from Annemarie and by applying the practical lessons taught, I have been able to convert many of the challenges I was being faced with into opportunities. Many of these opportunities are already generating a return and this has had a practical, tangible and life changing effect on me. I highly recommend Annemarie as a trustworthy, professional, experienced and knowledgeable Life and Career Coach.
    Kevin Buitendag, MD BusPlanIt