Team Coaching

  • Does your team have a unified vision?
  • Does your team understand your business?
  • Are your team empowered to consistently make decisions that would serve the customer?

Mindskills will work with you to analyse your team’s strong and weak points, and will make a difference in how your team work together.


The true leader has insight into his followers and aligns the individual’s purpose with the team and the business’s / organisation’s higher purposes. When purpose is clarified, it enables the connection of people. Connected people want to work together towards a common purpose. When purpose is clear, processes fall in place. Milestones and measurements provide feedback about the direction or lack thereof. When people are connected they create processes and ways of working together (Scheepers, 2008).


The purpose & vision guides the goals and gives the business a clear direction and focus as well as momentum. Share this vision with the team as they need to know what the goal of the business is. You can’t expect them to achieve results if they don’t know what the overall goal is what they are aiming for. Communicate where the company is now along with your hopes and dreams. Every team member should also have personal growth goals which would give the employee a sense of purpose and direction.


Cultivate and foster a learning, growing, challenging environment for your team. Sometimes boundaries need to be pushed – you and your team need to take risks. Teams need to be encouraged to experiment with new ways of doing things, and need to be rewarded for innovations or new ways of doing things. Consequently, people feel empowered, stimulated and appreciated in their workplace. They will be in a “towards” state and willingly go the extra mile. They will contribute to a happy and healthy company culture.


Whether a team is charged with creating a new product, making a process improvement, or planning a summer picnic, team communication skills are critical for ensuring the success of the team effort. Strong team communication skills can help build relationships and ensure the sharing of new ideas and best practices.


Team branding is a way of transforming your people into powerful brand ambassadors. Team branding focuses on selling your people first by communicating their value, and in turn creating a sustainable, unique relationship with customers. This creates a motivated team, higher productivity and commitment and ultimately happy customers (Donna Rachelson, 2013).


What Mindskills clients say

“On behalf of SAAA Executive Committee, we thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us using ShadowMatch Team Analysis. The experience was quick, easy and hassle-free but provided our team with invaluable information in terms of how each member functions within our team. This has enabled us to focus on each of our strong-points and work on our weaknesses for the better of our association.
Your professionalism and approachability is highly commendable and it was a pleasure to work with you. I would highly recommend this analysis for any group of individuals working together – no matter how big or small.”