Coaching for Women in Business

  • Are you managing your work-life balance?
  • Are you satisfied with your current position at your company?
  • Do you believe that you are “good enough”?
  • Do you have a sound business acumen?
  • Are you over-committed?

Are you a female business owner or entrepreneur who wants grow personally and professionally?

Mindskills helps you to grow your business. This means making a decision to change what you are doing now. This could mean updating your brand to appeal to a more distinctive target market. It could mean developing leadership skills to manage your staff and encourage ownership in your firm’s success.

What are important issues for women?

Women need to:

  • have more confidence and a voice
  • have a success mentality
  • manage growth and change
  • take more risks
  • own their expertise
  • have a unique value proposition
  • invest in themselves
  • leverage their creative skills


Most likely it means that you will grow. Coaching encourages you to try out new behaviours, step out of your comfort zone, and find ways to develop yourself as well as your business.


What Mindskills clients say

“I feel like a changed person…a person who has been freed into a much happier and acceptable existence.
To my amazement, this coaching process brought me to a place I never knew was possible. I have progressed from a very unhappy and unaccepting existence to a somewhat bright, positive and happy place where I have come to accept, be grateful for and love the life that I live.
It seemed very easy for me to put up a front and just carry on with the way things were as I had for so long, but with the Annemarie’s constant support, time, dedication and encouragement, she helped me to break through this barrier and eventually reach the light which I had so desperately seeked for such a long time.
I am today a very different person who has a much brighter outlook on life. I have to thank Annemarie for sharing this very unique and wonderful gift with me and I can only hope that many more individuals will benefit from her as much as I did”